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I.D: Math Society President

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"pi day" job:
Serving pies/competing

the contest:
As president and holding the nickname "pi", Lino competes first and sets the standard for the pi digit reciting contest. In order to win, contestants must recite more digits than him. And he knows quite a bit.


I.D: Math Society Social Director

"pi day" job:
Greg organized the annual event of "pi day" at his school. This included everything from the schedule of events to buying over 100 pies.

the contest:
He'll be calling the shots: making sure contestants are reciting the pi digits accurately and in order.


I.D: Computer Science Student and former "pi day" contestant

personal pi
Known as "The pi guy," Ryan was famous in High School for reciting digits on the spot. He knows over 100 digits from memory, but for some reason he kept getting stuck at 95 digits ("pi day" 2003) and was disapointed in himself for not winning.

The contest
He wants a rematch!


With a talent in music and a great appreciation for math, Lars composed the "pi symphony".
The notes in pi symphony are based on the digits of pi (3.14159) where each number is assigned a note.

Think of the Sound of Music where 1=do, 2=re, 3=mi, 4=fa, etc. So in pi symphony the musical representation for 3.14 is mi(3), do(1), fa(4), etc.

Want more info? Check out Lars' site with more details on this creative song as well as samples to download and CD purchasing information []


The Contestants


These folks and some other brave souls will take the challenge of reciting the most digits of pi from memory.
How many digits will they remember under pressure?
Will Lino be beaten?
Let the games begin!